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My grandmother taught me one of my first money lessons.


She worked long hours as a waitress, earning most of her income from tips. When she visited, she would empty her wallet and give us the pennies.

“Never give a penny as a tip,” she told us. “You’re telling the waitstaff that the service was terrible.”

For the first time in my life, I realized that money was tied to emotion. How could so much be communicated in one small gesture - leaving a server pennies? My grandma took the pennies out of her wallet to remove the negative emotions associated with them (and to teach us a lesson, I presume).

As a financial wellness consultant, I think back to that experience frequently. It reminds me that money conversations are not about dollars and cents. They are about hopes, dreams, goals, security and emotions. The real conversations about money intersect all areas of life - relationships, family, the future, career and navigating curve balls life throws at all of us.

I started Achieve Financial Partners to help clients understand why they are managing their money as they do, how that fits with the ultimate purpose and passions of their lives and how to create goals that move them toward living the life they ultimately want.

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