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Do you worry that your business is being impacted by lost productivity due to these concerns?

Do your employees spend time worrying about their financial situation and monthly obligations?

Are you concerned that your employees will not be able to retire well?

If these are your concerns, you are not alone.


On average, employees lose one month of productivity per year due to financial worries.


Debt, retirement concerns, and meeting financial obligations impact employees’ ability to focus at work, which may increase absenteeism.



Many people struggle to manage their money effectively. Because most of us are not taught money management skills in school, we are left to compile information from various sources: the internet, our family and friends and the media. While some of this information may be valuable, it can leave people wondering if it really fits their individual situation.

At Achieve Financial Partners, you'll find:

unbiased financial education


online classes led by a certified financial counselor

individual money coaching


Achieve Financial Partners provides unbiased financial education for groups and individuals. Online classes, taught by a certified financial counselor, give general information with actionable steps each week that participants can use to strengthen their own finances. The financial counselor is there every step of the way to answer specific questions for those who want more in-depth information.


In addition, we leverage technology through an app for those who want a report card outlining strengths and opportunities with their finances. Through the app, users can contact a certified financial counselor when they want individualized expert guidance. 


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