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Are you concerned that your employees will not be able to retire well?

Do your employees spend time worrying about their financial situation and monthly obligations?

Do you worry that your business is being impacted by lost productivity due to these concerns?

If these are your concerns, you are not alone.


On average, employees lose one month of productivity per year due to financial worries.


Debt, retirement concerns, and meeting financial obligations impact employees’ ability to focus at work, which may increase absenteeism.


A WISE Move for Businesses

  • Regain employee focus

  • Improve retention, reducing continual cost of new hires

  • Attract talented people who value financial wellness

  • Assist employees to become retirement ready

  • Financial education may be tax deductible (consult your tax professional to learn more)

  • Track success of financial wellness program through aggregated data

  • The WISE Money Program can be used in conjunction with retirement plan management or as a stand-alone benefit

A WISE Move for Employees

  • Gain knowledge to reduce debt

  • Timely financial fitness group sessions

  • One-on-one meetings with a financial coach

  • Reduce 401k loans and disbursements

  • Track progress online while earning badges

  • Build a spending plan and emergency fund

  • Create a framework to make informed decisions

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